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This is Rocketstart

Rocketstart is a community of extraordinary and innovative apprentices of Swisscom. Their aim is to bring innovation within the company to a whole new level and to create exciting new projects.

This is done with the following values:

Learn & Share

We want to extend our knowledge

As a member of Rocketstart you are constantly looking for something new. You are open to new things and you realize what value wisdom has in our society


We think outside of the box

At Rocketstart each member can share new ideas and concepts, without being judged negatively . The crazier the idea, the better


We are a team

Only with constant cooperation and communication between different individuals Rocketstart has arisen - and that is the only way it will continue to exist

...and last but not least Passion.

How Rocketstart works

So you have a cutting edge idea. But now what? Let me show you...

1. Idea

You have a brilliant idea, which you want to discuss

2. Concrete your idea

Toss your idea in the Idea Jungle and discuss the possibilities with specialists. In real time you can share your opinion and knowledge with the other astronauts and clarify your vision step by step

3. Build the rocket

With the concretized idea you can then build a rocket. You are looking for astronauts which share the same vision like you. The rocket starts and the mission takes its course

Galaxy Meeting

We organize a monthly Rocketstart meeting

All astronauts gather in a cozy location

Mutual exchange and inspiring guest speakers

Topics will be determined in advance by the astronauts

Do you want to change the world?

Get in touch with us and explain us why YOU of all people fit to Rocketstart